Hellos and Goodbyes :

In 2018 Nina Wishnok and Sandra Butler left Abrazos Press . Hannah Smith has come to the studio as a renter and does printmaking on glass etched plates. Charlie Norris is also a renter and continues to carve amazing woodblocks. We wish everyone the very best in 2019.

There were ongoing classes at the studio and for the first time there was a student “show and tell”, sort of like the piano recital, as one student quipped. The enthusiasm and originality from class to class seemed important to share among the groups. Since it is “grown up school” people could talk to the whole group, or in small clusters about their work, as they felt comfortable. Of course there were snacks!


It all started when...

Work exhibited here by Sandra Butler,Annie Silverman,Cobb, Charles, Norris, Emily Cobb Ania Gilmore, and Jeesoo Lee,  as well as  the wonderful wall text created especially for the exhibition by  designer John Kramer.